Securing business owners and their companies
in case of unforseen event

doneI want to ensure the continuity of my business in case of an accident.

doneI want to gather and consolidate all the critical data of my SME.

doneI want to leave confidential information in case of temporary incapacity.

doneI want to protect my loved ones in case of death.

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Kayz Business is the version dedicated to entrepreneurs of Kayz. service

Mes Volontés présentation

Kayz is the very first application on the market to protect myself, safeguard my business, and look out for my loved ones if something happens to me.

With Kayz Business,
I can leave in complete confidence and confidentiality :



Leave the contact details of your insurer, your accountant, your lawyer, your banker... Allow the individuals who will have to manage your business to quickly meet key persons and rely on them to ensure the operational continuity of your SME.



Prepare your Business Continuity Plan in your absence. Provide instructions to follow, lists of operations to carry out, and procedures to perform. Each recipient can receive personalized instructions.


Any document

Add the necessary files to ensure your instructions are followed, such as a protection mandate or grant of authority . Safeguard all the important documents of your business that might be useful to your partners or colleagues in case of an issue.

Kayz is a partner of the Order of Chartered Accountants and the Company of Statutory Auditors of Paris

It's an opportunity for each professional to indicate whether they have set up a future protection mandate and/or posthumous protection, and if they have already conveyed routine management instructions or those related to their clients.

Laurent Benoudiz, Expert-comptable
logos OEC CRCC

What benefits do I get from the Kayz Business service?



Kayz Business is GDPR by design. All data is encrypted with military-graAll data is encrypted with a military-grade algorithm and stored in EU with EU suppliers. Only the user has access to their data. It's much safer than a notebook in a drawer, a cloud drive, or a file on their computer.



The user is the only one who knows all the information on their account. They are only accessible to the recipients in the event of incapacity or death.



Each information can have different recipients. You can prepare messages or information for one individual, or many persons if they need to receive the exact same information. You can put our attorney or accountant in copy.



The information is delivered upon request by the trusted person, without waiting for the opening of a will. We follow a rigorous procedure to verify your health status before proceeding with the delivery of information. You can choose which pieces of information are delivered in which specific scenarios.

Create your account only takes 3 minutes

Set up your account
Designate your trusted individuals
Designate your recipients
and start entering your information.

Choose your subscription later, no credit card is need to register and test the service



Due to a motorcycle accident, I was unable for several days to provide access to passwords, my bank accounts... Kayz Business can address that: ensuring the business runs at a minimum in the event of an accident.

Arnaud Jibaut, Chef d'entreprise

All my practical, sensitive, and important information to pass on to my loved ones in case of an accident.


How does Kayz Business work?

  1. I create an account and fill in the information I wish to share. I can modify them whenever I want.
  2. I designate one or more trusted persons. They are the ones who will give the go to release my information at the desired time.
  3. In case of need, a trusted person requests the release of data using a secret key. Kayz Business in return asks for proof of your condition (medical certificate or death certificate).
  4. The information is released and sent to the various chosen recipients.

I am ready to secure my business.

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