Business Continuity for your company

"If I have an accident, who will take care of my business and how will it survive?"

Kayz Business was created to address this vital question of the business owner and contribute to the business continuity plan.

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Whether you're in a liberal profession or you're a business owner, the smooth operation of your activity largely depends on you. In the event of a serious incident, even if temporary, your absence can be severely detrimental to your company's operations.

  • Will your clients be notified?
  • Will your employees get paid?
  • Are your insurance policies known so they can be activated?
  • Can your finances be managed in your absence?
  • Who can take over your management accounts, software, or business accounts?
  • If your social networks are crucial to your activity, who has the access?


The future protection mandate can be drafted as a private deed.

Kayz Business, the only secure escrow and information transmission service.

All the information essential for the continuity of the company and its operations must be transmitted as quickly as possible in case of an issue. Yet, it's delicate and even dangerous to leave them available to third parties in advance in an unsecured manner.

It's also vital that the right information goes to the right person.

That's the promise of Kayz Business, the only escrow and information transmission service that's secure, designed by and for entrepreneurs.

We invite you to quickly assess together. By answering about ten questions, you can check if you've implemented the right strategies to secure your business and your loved ones in the event of a serious incident. At the end of the test, you'll receive a summary of best practices to adopt.

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Information to deposit on Kayz Business

Emergency contacts: your accountant, your bank, your insurer.

Instructions: payments to be made, necessary declarations...

Access codes: your computer, your business accounts, the access code to your office, the alarm code...

Documents related to the company: your statutes, your shareholders' agreement, a future protection mandate and/or powers of attorney.

The right information must be conveyed to the right people so that the appropriate actions can be taken as quickly as possible.