How does Kayz Business service work?

We are a secure online service where you can store all the useful, essential, and confidential information necessary for the continuation of your business, or for the protection of your loved ones.

Kayz Business releases this information to the individuals you have designated at times when you can no longer communicate with them: incapacity, degenerative or incapacitating illness or death.

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Professional data example

When creating your account, we ask for some personal information to properly identify you. You can then add the information you wish, whether personal or professional.

  • Your advance directives, your last wishes, your notary's contact.
  • Personalized messages (text, audio or video)
  • An inventory of your movable assets (with phots, bills, certificates...)
  • Your access codes, your social networks.
  • An overview of your financial assets and insurances to provide all the information to your beneficiaries.
  • Instructions.
  • Important documents to facilitate the necessary procedures.

You will then need to designate at least one trusted person. This individual will provide us with proof of your condition so that the information can be released.

Lastly, at the end of your free trial month, you will need to choose your subscription offer: 18€ or 36€ for personal information only. 120€ including VAT with professional information. The professional subscription can be taken out by your company.".


You can modify your information, your recipients, or your trusted individuals at any time.

How is my information released?

You have two methods available, you can choose one or activate both.

You notify your trusted person and provide them with the key that we generate. This person will then notify us in the event of a serious incident. We will then request from them a medical certificate or a death certificate. After this verification, we will notify your various recipients that information awaits them on our service.

Don't want to notify your trusted person? We set up a regular reminder link. The day you no longer click on this link, an escalation procedure is triggered. If you are unreachable, we will then notify your trusted person and request proof of your condition (medical certificate or death certificate) before finally notifying your various recipients.

You can have multiple trusted persons (we recommend it) and activate both options. Your trusted persons don't have access to your account with the generated key. If they try to access it or unlock the information, you will always receive a parallel alert."

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Comment sont libérées mes informations ?

Sécurité et sérénité


A service that's RGPD by design. All data is stored in France, on French servers: your data is not subject to the extraterritorial laws of the USA.

Data is replicated 3 times to prevent any accident and risk from being lost.

All the information is encrypted (made unreadable) with military-grade algorithms, until its release. Even the company administrators do not have access to your data (except contact and billing information).

More information about the service's security on Kayz (in french)

The essential information for the continuation of your activity or your succession, delivered to the right people, as quickly as possible.

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